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Ngarambuni means Ostrich in KiMaasai.

According to local folklore, there was once a man from the Lubwaa tribe living in Sinya (one of the villages in Enduimet) specifically in an area called Ngarambuni Kopje. He was not a good man his heart was filled with evil. One day this evil tribesman decided that he would kill an ostrich and dress in its skin and feathers as camouflage. Then he went to Kopje and waited for the Maasai warrior coming home with large herds of cattle and when he saw them approaching, he sneaked up on them, killed the warriors and stole the cattle thus keeping all the food for himself. He was successful in making sure he kept his secret safe and continued murdering local warriors for their cattle and food.
But one day a young Maasai warrior returning home caught the Ostrich man in the act and snuck off to tell the elders. The elders devised a plan to kill the Ostrich man in his sleep. So, they sent a young, beautiful, and clever woman to trap him. This woman kept him busy for 5 days and never did the Ostrich man suspect a thing. On the sixth day when he fell asleep she led a group of warriors to his hiding spot and they ambushed him. On that same day, peace spread through Sinya and the Maasai were free to move once more without fear.
Nowadays, when you visit the Ngarambuni Kopje you can still find Maasai signs and a stone bed at the top in the ostrich man’s hiding place.
These are many stories you can find here when you visit Enduimet.